Data exploratie met Tableau

Tableau is a Business intelligence (BI) software. Broadly, BI refers to the methods and technologies used to gain insights from analyzing big data generated by enterprises. BI software tools are popular; they provide user-friendly access to professional data collection, analysis and visualization. They are used in many enterprises to support informed decision making. The latest versions of such systems are able to consume geo data and to build cartographic visualizations. In order to test mapping capabilities of Tableau working with Kadaster data we build a dashboard showing year of construction of buildings in Enschede.

This visualisation shows 130000 buildings. Despite of the data size Tableau performs with ease proving its usability. The latter motivated us to design and develop a Web Data Connector allowing access to BAG data from within Tableau. The Web Data Connector uses SPARQL endpoint to serve the data. Example visualisation of the data can be seen below: